2FM's Carl Mullan and wife Aisling suffered recent pregnancy loss 2 months ago

2FM's Carl Mullan and wife Aisling suffered recent pregnancy loss

"We were upset about it"

*Content warning for pregnancy loss*


2FM's Carl Mullan and his wife Aisling recently suffered a pregnancy loss.

The radio presenter opened up about the heartbreaking loss in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Carl, who is currently competing in Dancing with the Stars, said they were delighted when they found out Aisling was pregnant again.

Unfortunately, Aisling suffered a miscarriage quite early on.


Carl told the publication;

"When we found out she was pregnant again recently, we were delighted because we thought we could really enjoy it this time without worrying.

"We had a loss quite early on and we were upset about it," the dad shared.

The parents said they won't give up on expanding their family as they both want more children in the future.


"Pregnancy loss is, unfortunately, a part of life though," he said.

The RTÉ star added, "We'll keep trying because we'd love more kids."

Carl and Aisling are parents to their 17-month-old son Daibhí.

Carl said becoming a dad is the best thing he has ever done.


The proud dad said: "I can't even talk about him without crying. Becoming a dad is the best thing I have ever done."

"I'm so grateful to be a dad and the joy that Daibhí brings is amazing."

Both Carl and Aisling were worried during her pregnancy because she tested positive for Covid-19. However, Daibhí was perfectly fine when he was born, Carl shared.

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