Adele brought an Irishman and his dog onstage last night 4 years ago

Adele brought an Irishman and his dog onstage last night

She's one gas yoke.

Is there anything Adele hasn't done onstage this year?

If she's not inviting one of her many lookalikes onstage, you can bet your bottom dollar that she's up to some other antics while on tour.

She's funny, sound, down to earth, absolutely gorgeous and honest as anything, truly a dream girl.

Just another reason to love the Hello singer is her recent escapade onstage, where she brought an Irish fan and his dog onstage. You could NOT make this stuff up.

Spotted on, the British singer was doing her show in California in the US when she decided to bring up one of her many fans onstage, Irishman Tommy O'Malley and his Maltipoo dog Casper.

Donning a massive green flag around his shoulders accompanied by a very cheeky Casper onstage, the pair certainly made Adele and the entire crowd giggle, with the puppy even planting a big sloppy doggy kiss on Adele's cheek. LOVELY.

Will Adele EVER do anything wrong?

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