AJ and Curtis Pritchard's grandmother has sadly passed away 1 month ago

AJ and Curtis Pritchard's grandmother has sadly passed away

So heartbreaking.

Curtis Pritchard, brother I'm A Celeb contestant AJ Pritchard, has revealed that their grandmother has passed away.


Former Love Island contestant Curtis shared a smiling photo of himself alongside his gran this morning, as he broke the sad news.

He also confirmed that he will not contact AJ about her passing until he has left the Welsh castle.

"Life is beautiful, life is incredible, life is magical… But sadly it doesn’t last forever," he wrote.

"RIP, I love your Nanna. Words literally cannot describe how much I love you, and forever will love you and the memories of you. You really have been a massive part of my life and helped me to be the man I am today."

Curtis went on to say that his brother will not be made aware of their granny's passing until after he leaves I'm A Celeb.

"It is following our grandad's wishes that myself and AJ are to carry on with the current projects we are committed to," he wrote.


"Grandad said to myself and AJ that it would break his heart for us to stop what we were doing as Nanna had such pride in our work.

"AJ therefore discussed with the family before entering the castle that if something did happen to Nanna whilst he was away, that he wouldn't want to be told until he left the castle and that in her honour he would complete his commitment to the show, with a view to doing her and the family proud.

"As Grandad and Nanna would have wished for, AJ will stay in the castle and continue making her proud wherever she is watching from."


In last night's episode of the I'm A Celeb, AJ gave away two opportunities to receive a message from home to his other campmates.