Amber Gill gives first interview since Greg dumped her by text 11 months ago

Amber Gill gives first interview since Greg dumped her by text

She insists it was by text.

We were shocked to find out that Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea ended their relationship last Friday. It came just before she was meant to appear on The Late Late Show with him and Maura Higgins that night.

Greg confirmed on the show that they ended things but Amber has had little to say about it - until now.

There was a lot of speculation going around about Greg dumping her by text and Amber confirmed the rumours today.

The reality star appeared on Loose Women this morning and spoke about how it all happened.

“From my point of view I still wanted to make it work,” she said.


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“There was a call a few days prior just chatting- not specifically to do with that. But definitely on that day it was like a text.”

“We were texting each other, but that’s why I had to cancel.”

As the conversation went on, one of the panellists asked: “Do you think he misinterpreted something you said or do you think you said something that was open to misinterpretation and he seized on that?”

She replied: “I think there was a bit of miscommunication, but if you don’t want to be someone, you don’t want to be with somebody.”

Fair, Amber. Very fair.