Ariana Grande isn't all that impressed with her new waxwork and yeah, absolutely fair 3 years ago

Ariana Grande isn't all that impressed with her new waxwork and yeah, absolutely fair

Looks like she'll be saying 'thank u, next' to this piece, wha?!

Waxworks are generally a bit of a dodge scenario.


As a rule, they're don't really look like the person they're supposed to look like, are a bit scary, and generally just bizarre.

If a single human being in this world has ever witnessed a waxwork of themselves and said: 'wow, this really looks like me', then we have yet to meet them.

They do not exist. It's not a thing.

One person who recently witnessed a waxwork of themselves and wasn't entirely impressed was Ariana Grande.


The '7 Rings' singer reacted to her latest waxwork in London's Madame Tussauds, writing "I just wanna talk."


The image was shared to Popcravenews's Instagram account and shows the singer standing in her iconic oversized jumper, thigh-high boots, and high ponytail.

Positioned in front of a load of pink loveheart sweets that read: 'eat,' 'yolo,' and 'boss lady,' the waxwork resembles somebody who vaguely looks like Ariana dressed up as Ariana rather than actual Ariana herself.


Her fans seemed to think so too as they took it upon themselves to comment that Madame Tussauds "did her so wrong," "doesn't even look like Ariana omg," and that "someone should melt that shit down."

Drastic but OK yeah, here for it.

This comes after a painful Daenerys Targaryen waxwork was unveiled in Dublin last month.


The creation, which looks even less like Emilia Clarke than the above does of Ariana, was met with much ridicule as fans of Game of Thrones asked how in the name of God such a waxwork could be showcased as a legit piece of work.

No shade on whoever made it, but like, they clearly haven't seen the show before.

It could always be worse, Ari.