Ariana Grande just confirmed her beauty range is coming next month 1 year ago

Ariana Grande just confirmed her beauty range is coming next month

We'll be first in line.

It was rumoured months ago that Ariana Grande would be joining Rihanna and Selena Gomez as the latest pop star to drop her own make-up range, and now we finally have a date for it.


Rumours began flying around saying the singer was set to release her own beauty line, and confirming the news a few weeks ago on Instagram, Ariana finally told us when we can expect it.

Posting a snap of herself posing beautifully with her latest brand, Ariana simply said "November" and tagged the company's account.

Going onto theirs, the exact same thing was posted, and while no specific date has been said yet, it's coming in perfect time for Christmas.


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Fans went into a frenzy when they noticed that a new Instagram account and website called r.e.m Beauty had launched but not posted anything.

Anyone who listened to her hit album Sweetener will remember the song r.e.m, so it would be strange for it to be a coincidence.

And just as fans really started taking a deep dive into how true the rumours were, billboards for the brand started showing up on Times Square in New York City.


What had us all even more convinced was when Ariana's friend Doug Middlebrook took a selfie with one of these billboards and put it on his Instagram story yesterday, tagging the singer in it as he posted.


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While we were already well and truly sold on the idea, the page became active, posting teasers since September 10th, but only now setting somewhat of a date on it.


Two of the posts show blueprints of a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette while another shows a text saying "ok so chapter one: ultraviolet includes.

"lashes, liners, plumping glosses, lip stains."

The rest is blurred out, so we'll have to keep guessing. And with chapter one being clear, we can only assume there will be more chapters to come.