Ariel Winter hits back at Instagram body shamers 6 years ago

Ariel Winter hits back at Instagram body shamers

The comment culture we have on social media just gets uglier and uglier.

We see and hear tales of body shaming every day.


If it's not your mum asking "is that skirt supposed to be a belt?" it can be a mate commenting on your "low-cut" top... Us gals NEVER have it easy.

One victim of constant body-shaming is 18-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

Following winning legal emancipation from her parents, the actress received serious backlash for choosing to have breast reduction and the criticisms have not stopped there.



The actress received serious trolling online after revealing the pink dress she wore to her high school graduation.

The dress, which complimented her new red hair beautifully was ridiculed by haters for being too revealing to wear around her family and friends.


Her followers on Instagram didn't hold back with their harsh criticisms of the dress Ariel wore to a happy occasion





After suffering insult upon insult, the brave actress chose to respond to her haters and we totally commend her.


Not letting the faceless trolls online get to her, Ariel told her fans that if they don't like it, they can LUMP it.


I personally commend her.

Your body, your rules!

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