BBC star's family reveal she has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's 2 months ago

BBC star's family reveal she has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's

She was diagnosed last year.

The family of BBC Radio 4 presenter Susan Rae have revealed that she has been sadly diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.


Susan's sons Rory and Finn Cargill are raising funds to allow for their mum's care.

The 66 year old has presented the Beeb on radio 4 for 30 years and was diagnosed last year.

Susan's condition has progressed, and her family have claimed they can no longer afford her care.

On a fundraiser page Rory and Finn explained: “Some of you know our beloved mum as BBC Radio 4's Scottish announcer, but many of you will have been on the receiving end of her kindness, wit and world-class brownies personally.


“In March 2022, our beautiful mum was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

“After over 30 years on air, the condition has left her unable to work. Our subsequent struggles to secure even the necessities for her have shown us up close how truly broken the care system is in this country — and how self-sufficient people fighting health conditions have to be without the nest egg we're presumed to have.

“Mum has been living independently in a retirement community apartment since June 2022, but her needs have recently grown and the cost that comes with that is unaffordable to our family."


They continued: "We're turning to our friends and family to build a secure foundation of support.

“The figure proposed is based on the cost of a year of home-visit care and food delivery services. Any stretch figure will go towards saving for mum's future.

“Our mum has effortlessly made friends wherever she goes all her life.

"We hope this reaches as many of them as possible so we can send her a huge message of love.”


Hundreds have flooded to the fundraiser to help raise the much-needed money, with the family now raising £27,569 of their £30,000 goal.

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