Beyoncé had to be rescued on stage this weekend and it was intense 4 years ago

Beyoncé had to be rescued on stage this weekend and it was intense

Beyoncé had a major stage malfunction this weekend but kept it cool as per usual.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s concert was called to a halt when they encountered a minor - or major - glitch on Saturday night.


A ladder had to be brought on when the floating stage broke during a performance of Young Forever and Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, leaving poor Bey stranded twenty feet into the air.

The couple were performing in Warsaw, Poland, on their joint On The Run II Tour when the malfunction occurred.

Stage crew rushed to the star’s side to help get her down but the mum-of-three stayed cool and collected.


She almost lost her composure when she couldn’t quite figure out how to get onto the ladder but saved it by throwing out some killer impromptu dance moves.

The audience cheered her on as she finally managed to climb down to safety. And in thigh-high heels too. Flawless.

Hundreds of fans captured the incident and have been sharing it over on social media.

Here’s a look at how the drama unfolded.


This hiccup comes two weeks after the couple dropped their joint album, Everything is Love, earlier in the tour.

The two are set to continue the European stage of the tour before heading back to the US to finish it up later in July.