Blue Ivy is reportedly launching her own cosmetics line 3 years ago

Blue Ivy is reportedly launching her own cosmetics line

She's five, by the way.

The world may be currently obsessed with Beyonce's incredible pregnancy announcement, but we mustn't forget about the original Knowles-Carter baby, Blue Ivy.

Not content with becoming  big sister to twins, (which people suspect will be a girl and a boy) Blue Ivy has got business on her brain.

Okay, so it's probably more her parent's idea but we'd like to think they ran it by her first.

Beyoncé’s company is planning to launch a line of Blue Ivy Carter products according to TMZ.

The products could range from cosmetics to hair care, to clothing and possibly even games.

The company have filed to trademark Blue Ivy's name for official use.

This is not the first time Beyoncé and Jay Z tried to trademark their daughters name. In 2012 the musical couple sought to own the name Blue Ivy but lost because a wedding company already had it trademarked.

This time, their adding her surname, Carter, which should work as we doubt there are many others with that name.

We reckon the power couple will give the twins some interesting names too, and get them trademarked right away.