Brad Pitt's got a new girlfriend and no, calm down, it's not Jennifer Aniston 1 year ago

Brad Pitt's got a new girlfriend and no, calm down, it's not Jennifer Aniston

She is an independent woman and she doesn't need no man.

If she did though, that would be OK too.

Because Jen Aniston is a great gal and she deserves the world and more - but this isn't about Jen. This is about Brad. And the fact that he's apparently got a new Hollywood girlfriend.

Spoiler: it's Charlize Theron. And the were introduced by her ex-fiancée Sean Penn.

Yeah, legit.

The Sun reports that the pair went a few dates over the past month or so but that things have really started to "develop" recently.

An insider said that they dined at Hollywood's Chateaux Marmont and that throughout the evening, the pair were "ridiculously touchy-feely."

Brad even allegedly had his "arm around her back" for most of the night.


The source went on to say that "At one point he winked at her. Brad seemed in a really good place – they both looked really happy."

Based exclusively on that wink? You better believe it.

university professor Neri Oxman

This is the first major romance that Brad has been linked to since finalising his divorce with Angelina Jolie.

The pair bad announced their split in 2016. Following two years of negotiations concerning their six children, the two appear to be in a more positive place regarding their children.

Last year, Jen An was forced to release statement following rumours that she and Brad were getting back together.

Her publicist called the reports a "complete fabrication."

"Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else's fictional narrative," she said.

Theron began dating Sean Penn in 2013. She ended their relationship two years later.