Brian Dowling says his sister Aoife "never thought the baby was hers" 10 months ago

Brian Dowling says his sister Aoife "never thought the baby was hers"

Brian Dowling said Aoife never thought the baby was hers.

Brian Dowling's sister Aoife was hit with waves of shame after deciding to be his surrogate.


The presenter spoke out about his surrogacy journey in an interview with Kate Ferdinand.

He explained that his sister was not the egg donor, but people slated them over the decision.

"There’s been a lot of shaming," Brian shared.

"The amount of homophobia that Arthur and I... it’s been so odd. Aoife also put herself out there.


"Our journey to parenthood is very unique and with the lack of legislation in Ireland, who dictates who can have families and who doesn’t?"

Brian said Aoife was shamed for giving the baby away, but it was never hers. He stressed that the donor egg was from a woman in Portugal.

He told Kate Ferdinand;


“Aoife never thought the baby was hers.

"Aoife knows it’s her niece. We have eight other nieces and nephews and it’s the exact same relationship.

“When we made this public, we got all this stuff like: ‘how could she give her baby away? Shameful.’ She was like, ‘It’s not my baby’.

"She always wanted a C-section. The whole thing of a long labour, but a C-section, it’s more clinical,” he added.


The dad said their surrogacy journey was hit with so much backlash, but they've been loving parenthood so far.

Brian and his husband Arthur Gourounlian welcomed their baby girl Blake on September 1st.

Brian praised his sister Aoife for making his and Arthur's dream come true. He also said his sister was a true saint.

He also said their dream never would've come true if it wasn't for their donor.