Britney and Justin reunited last night... via her doing a backflip on Instagram 3 years ago

Britney and Justin reunited last night... via her doing a backflip on Instagram

Of course.

Back in 2002, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake called it quits.


It was the celebrity breakup to end all celebrity breakups, the split to trump all splits, the slow return of double denim matching couples outfits to wardrobes everywhere.

An upsetting time altogether.

However, the darkest moment in modern history did lead to some pretty decent things happening.


One of those things was JT releasing Cry Me A River (banger). Another one of those things was Britney dropping In The Zone and changing pop forever.

The music showed us the light, really.

Since then, Britney and Justin haven't had a whole lot of contact which makes sense considering people would absolutely lose their shit if they did.

Which is exactly what happened when Brit and Just reunited last night on Instagram. Or, rather, Britney played one of Justin's songs while she was doing a backflip.


That's the same thing, right?

The Toxic singer shared the video on her Gram last night saying "nothing like flips and Mother Nature" while the interlude from JT's LoveStoned plays in the background.



This nod wasn't lost on Britney's fans either who took it upon themselves to shout about it all over her Instagram comments.

What does it mean? they pondered.

Why has it happened? they quizzed.

Honestly, we may never know why this blatant throwback-tease was served to us right here right now on this day, but we do know one thing.


Britney is pretty class at backflips.