Britney Spears worries fans as she warns them not to contact police 3 months ago

Britney Spears worries fans as she warns them not to contact police

She recently reactivated her account.

Britney Spears has worried many of her fans after she posted an unusual video on social media, and warned them not to call the police.


The singer appeared to be putting on an Australian accent as she showed off her dresses to her fans.

Britney has left many fans concerned since she was freed from her conservatorship nearly two years ago after posting a number of worrying videos.

Last month, Britney deleted her Instagram which led many fans to fear the worst and contact the authorities to check on her.

When posting her latest video, she warned fans not to contact the police – which only worried them more.


"Ok, great news. Ok, so last week guys I made a dress. I was really proud. [It had] a diamond panel, a zip in the back [and] a girlfriend helped me sew it," she says in the video.


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She then shows some of the dresses she has been sent, showing a glitter pink sparkly dress and a gold one.

"So, guys, I just want you to know, If I shut down my Instagram do not call the cops," she said.


In the caption of the video, the singer wrote: "Stay humble out there, y'all!!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star now have you heard??? Carry on peeps."

While she has shut off the comment section on the post, many fans took to Twitter to share their concerns.

One person wrote: "What's with Britney's new instagram post?????"

Another said: "Y'all... Britney Spears ain't ok. Heavens sake her Instagram."


A third added: "It’s honestly sad what’s happening with Britney Spears. They gotta get her off instagram and get some real help."

While a fourth said: "if you're not a die-hard Britney fans who knows how f**king random Britney's Instagram and her humor is, then I could see why you would think she should be put back."

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