Caitlyn Jenner gives update on daughter Kylie's baby boy 4 months ago

Caitlyn Jenner gives update on daughter Kylie's baby boy

The new arrival is Caitlyn's nineteenth grandchild.

Caitlyn Jenner has given an update on her daughter Kylie following the birth of her second child.


Kylie announced the news that she had given birth to a baby boy earlier this week.

Caitlyn appeared on Good Morning Britain via video link from Malibu, assuring fans that the new mum-of-two is "doing great".

When asked about the new baby, the 72-year-old joked "Oh we're going there?!", before going on to reveal she had met the baby in the past few days.


"The family is growing," she said. "Kylie had her little boy, it was announced the other day."

Caitlyn went on to admit that she has to be careful about how she speaks about the news.

"I’ve got to be very quiet. I have got to be very sensitive when I talk about the family.

"But they’re great, Kylie’s doing great, everybody’s doing good.


“I have the next one, the 20th grandchild, by my son Burt and his wife Val. They’re due in a month with a little girl. So I’m going for number 20 here in about a month."

She added: "I can never keep all of the birthdays right, it’s all on computer."

Kylie announced the birth of her second child earlier in the week, with a cute black and white photo alongside the caption: "2/2/22" and a blue heart emoji. However, she has yet to reveal the baby's name.


Fans have been speculating online this week about what the name might be.

Some are convinced that Kris Jenner has let it slip after comment left on Kylie's Instagram picture saying: "Angel Pie".

One fan replied directly ask Kris, asking : "@krisjenner is the baby’s name angel or something because I keep seeing angel in every comment?"

Other clues that the baby's name might be Angel include the fact that Kylie's baby shower featured biscuits with "Angel" written on them and that his date of birth is an angel number.

Kylie and Travis are already parents to four-year-old Stormi. The couple have been dating on and off since 2017.