Camila Cabello and Dylan Sprouse are working on a 'secret project' 3 years ago

Camila Cabello and Dylan Sprouse are working on a 'secret project'

We NEED to know.

Ah, there's nothing that excites me more than a secret project between two famous people.


ESPECIALLY, when the pairing seems kind of random.

For instance, I had no clue that Camila Cabello and Dylan Sprouse were close.

But apparently, these two cuties are currently working together, and I'd like more information please.

The lovely Dylan posted a selfie with Camila on Instagram yesterday, writing that they were in Toronto together for a ā€œsecret project.ā€



So, while the picture give absolutely nothing away, Dylan's new (and weird) Insta feed might?

The Suite Life star has deleted all his Instagram posts, and replaced them with weird drawings.

However, if you open up his feed, the images join together, in what appears to be a sitting room scene.


Oddly, his selfie with Camila appears to be the TV screen.

dylan sprouse

See what I mean?

So, my guess is that this famous duo are going to be hitting our screens together soon.


Maybe Dylan is going to feature in one of Camila's music videos?