Caroline Flack looks legit unrecognisable in this throwback snap 2 years ago

Caroline Flack looks legit unrecognisable in this throwback snap

Who is she?

We may never truly know the answer.


Apparently she's Caroline Flack but honestly she looks so different, we'd be inclined to believe this person was somebody else entirely.

Mad what the passing of time does, isn't it?

Today, Caroline shared a throwback pic of herself and Jack Osbourne hanging out an unknown number of years ago and you would pass her in the street, tbh.

This is the pic.

See? Told you, we're not bullshitting.

Vintage indeed.


This comes after Caroline called off her engagement to Andrew Brady due to the fact that he is a liar who allegedly cheated on her, even though Andrew has denied this.

However, the pair then rekindled things and got back together soon after, only to have another fight earlier this week in a London restaurant.

According to onlookers, Andrew was accusing Caroline of only being interested in him because she wanted to get married.

Grim enough.


The Flack spent the majority of the summer hitting up the Love Island villa.

You might remember her flouncing in there every couple of weeks to ruin the islanders' days by announcing that another one of them was set to leave the villa.

It was a lot of fun and we miss it.