Caroline Flack's mum slams fake grief after her daughter's death 9 months ago

Caroline Flack's mum slams fake grief after her daughter's death

She's still struggling.

Caroline Flack's mum has revealed that she is "really hurt" by seeing people who were never close to her daughter publicly grieving as if they were good friends.


The presenter sadly passed away in February of 2020 at only 40 years of age, and her mum Christine has opened up about her own grief, saying this year has been much harder than last.

She told The Sun newspaper: "It’s been worse this year because it’s become real."

She added: "It’s hard. I saw someone on the telly this week calling her a friend and it really hurt.

"When a death is in the media you can’t just grieve quietly. There’s lots of people grieving that don’t know her personally, so you’re looking after them, as well as all her friends."


Christine and Caroline's twin sister Jody co-produced Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death, a documentary on her life for Channel 4 earlier this year.

Christine said: "There was so much going on last year, with everything, people talking, and that documentary really helped."

Before the documentary was released, Christine spoke out against social media platforms failing to protect her daughter.


In the aftermath of Caroline's death, there was an outpour of messages from celebrity friends and fans who urged others to "be kind", referring to one of the Love Island presenter's social media posts.

Caroline was found dead in her home in Stoke Newington, north-east London, on February 15 2020.