CeeLo Green Speaks Out On 'Idiotic' Rape Comments After TV Show Is Cancelled 7 years ago

CeeLo Green Speaks Out On 'Idiotic' Rape Comments After TV Show Is Cancelled

Rapper CeeLo Green has apologised for his recent controversial comments on rape, in which he claimed that a sexual assault is only committed if the victim is conscious.

The Crazy singer received a huge backlash to the tweets, which he posted to the site after pleading 'no contest' to charges that he gave a woman ecstasy without her consent in 2012.


The woman had claimed that she had woken up next to Green not knowing what had happened but due to insufficient evidence, no rape charges were filed. CeeLo's representative claimed that the pair had "consensual relations".


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Green subsequently posted an apology for this actions, which he said had been "taken so far out of context" and said they had only intended to be a "healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this".

He added that he would "never condone the harm of any women” but his attempt to backtrack fell on deaf ears, with TBS confirming that were cancelling a planned second series of his television show The Good Life.

The rapper, who recently appeared in John Carney's Begin Again, quit Twitter temporarily amid the furore but rejoined today to post a second apology for his "idiotic" comments.