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Do you think it was inappropriate?

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are an extremely attractive duo who have spoken out about their sex life in public before.

Judging by previous comments by Jenna who describe their sex life as 'primal and earthy', it seems they are pretty open about it.

Channing posted a picture on Instagram of Jenna laying in bed naked with the caption 'nap time = best time'.

Image via Instagram/ChanningTatum

We can only see the side of Jenna's body so although she is naked it is not revealing too much, but that didn't stop the actor's Instagram followers from criticising him for sharing the picture.

''I don't think this is IG acceptable'' one person said, adding ''if that's Jenna I wouldn't put my wife out there like that, too many weirdos out there.''

''Some things are meant to be private'' another said.

''If your sex life is so good as you both say why is there a need to invite us to your bedroom. You should keep that small part of privacy you have as celebs to yourselves. No need to go that low unless you want to be like Kardashians! Pity Channing!'' One woman said.

Several others asked if the actor's account had been hacked.


Though there was a lot of negative comments, other people praised the couple for being so close.

One of the biggest criticisms in the comments is that she may not have given permission. However, given how close the married couple are, we're going to assume they spoke about it before he uploaded it.

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