Cheryl knew Matthew Morrison WAY before The Greatest Dancer gig and here's how 4 years ago

Cheryl knew Matthew Morrison WAY before The Greatest Dancer gig and here's how

It appears as though two of the dance captains on BBC's The Greatest Dancer already know eachother pretty well.

They may appear as two unlikely candidates to already be acquainted but, this isn't Cheryl and Glee's Matthew Morrison's first rodeo together.


The Californian actor and Geordie singer actually met when starring in a movie together in 2012. What To Expect When You're Expecting featured a serious lineup which included Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, Matthew Morrison, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson oh, and a cameo from Cheryl.


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"I was playing opposite Cameron Diaz, and we did a whole dance competition show, and Cheryl was the judge on the show. It was like, we were shooting in this crazy, hot, old, abandoned warehouse in Atlanta." Matthew revealed to Digital Spy.

"We were very cordial with each other, like: 'Hi, how are you?' But this show [The Greatest Dancer] has really brought us together, and brought us to Oti, and just really solidified our sisterhood. It’s been a really terrific experience with these two— with everyone."


Here's Cheryl's cameo alongside Matthew Morrison.

Cheryl and Matthew will be taking to our screens on January 5 for The Greatest Dancer - a programme which looks to find the best dancer from every background in a So You Think You Can Dance-esque format and comes from Simon Cowell (which you know is promising).

The programme will air on BBC One at 8pm, January 5. There go our Saturday nights for the foreseeable future.