Cheryl went all out for Liam's birthday with an adorable surprise 4 years ago

Cheryl went all out for Liam's birthday with an adorable surprise

Liam Payne recently turned 24 and to celebrate, Cheryl planned a day full of thoughtful surprises.

Although they tend to keep their private life under wraps, the former One Direction star has been known to share updates with fans and media outlets from time to time.


In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the singer opened up about how Cheryl went to great lengths to give him a 24th birthday to remember.

Best birthday ever ??

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It seems the couple were holidaying in Mallorca and knowing how much Liam would appreciate the idea, Cheryl flew out both his parents and school friends to celebrate.

"It was amazing, there were multiple surprises throughout the day. We got away for for a little holiday and she had flown all my old school friends out that I literally hadn't seen for a year, so it was amazing to spend time with them.

"And then on my actual birthday, she flew my parents out and they spent a bit of time with me. It was really nice for my mum and dad. We were out in Mallorca, it was lovely".

Although Cheryl and Liam post the odd selfie now and then, we have yet to see a full picture of baby Bear, who is nearly able to walk according to his dad.


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Gushing about his son, who was born on March 22nd, Liam said:

"He's like a tiny little Michelin man! Today he had some Air Max on and he was trying to walk in the kitchen. Every day there's something new and he gets more and more fun".

Here's hoping we see a proper photo of the little Michelin man soon...