Chloe Burrows confirms Millie Court and Liam Reardon are back together 4 months ago

Chloe Burrows confirms Millie Court and Liam Reardon are back together

Could it be true?

Love Island's Chloe Burrows appears to have accidentally outed Millie Court and Liam Reardon with a TikTok hinting that they've rekindled their romance.


Chloe starred in the 2021 series of Love Island alongside Millie and Liam who dated for over a year after the show ended.

However, they announced their split last June. At the time, Millie said she was gutted that they've gone their separate ways.

Now, it's emerged that the pair could be back together.

In Chloe's recent TikTok, she hinted that she was hanging out with bestie Millie but that Liam was there too.


The two were chilling out ordering Chinese food but it sounded like Liam was speaking in the background.

Millie could also be heard asking this unknown man for a drink.

There's muffling and then Chloe says: "Yeah, I’ll have a Coke Zero please."

Fans wasted no time speculating that the man in the video was in fact Liam and that the couple are back together.


One wrote: "Sorry but is that Liam speaking in the background or am I going insane hearing it."

Another said: "I hear Liam, cheers for confirmation Chloe."

This fans comment read: "That is def Liam we have the same accent we’re from the same town, I know a Merthyr accent when I hear one."

@chloeburrowsA chinese for me please!!♬ original sound - Chloe Burrows

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