Chrissy Teigen has shown a lot of love for one brand of Irish butter 4 years ago

Chrissy Teigen has shown a lot of love for one brand of Irish butter

Chrissy Teigen is apparently as Irish as they come.

The American model is known for her hilarious posts on social media, detailing the often unheard of things that make a post-baby body.


Chrissy is a strong, independent, smart and hilarious women whos's known for not holding her tongue, especially in Twitter spats and while making television appearances.

While we've seen Kylie Jenner promote Cocoa Brown fake tan before, it seems she's not the only one who loves herself an Irish product or two. Earlier this week, Emily Ratajkowki was spotted milling the Guinness into her on the streets of Dublin and last night, Chrissy took to her Snapchat to praise another Irish product.

Spotted on, Chrissy Teigen took to the app to preach the values of butter - but not any old butter - our very own Kerrygold. She clarified it wasn't a sponsored post when she spoke of how she loves the taste of the Irish butter.

"Not an ad just really awesome, salty sweet butter for toast o baby"



What a hero!

Irish Twitter users couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Kerrygold on the funny woman's Snapchat.


This isn't the first time Chrissy likes Irish foods however, as has anyone noticed she was eating what looked to be a Brunch ice-cream in her old Instagram picture?


I'm just left wondering what she'd make of Coppers...