Colin Farrell Spoke About His Love Life On Last Night's Late Late Show 6 years ago

Colin Farrell Spoke About His Love Life On Last Night's Late Late Show

Colin Farrell was one of the guests on last night's Late Late Show and one of the conversation topics was his love life.

The Intermission star said that he was single and when Ryan asked "why?", Colin said: "No reason why, just whatever way life unfolds.


"I haven't exactly been proactively looking for someone but between working and travelling, it sounds like a cop out, but between working and travelling and being at home with two fellas that I want to be there for".

Having been single for six years, Colin said that this could change if he met the right person.

"Don't get me wrong, if I met someone tomorrow you know, your life expands accordingly, as does your heart, and you find moments and you find evenings and you get a babysitter and all that jazz".

Colin was on the show to chat about his new film The Lobster, released on October 18th, which just so happened to take the Jury Prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

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Colin is besotted by his boys

Conversation also turned to his children, James (12) and Henry (6).


"Henry is six now. He's deadly. He's a torture, he's too smart. He has me reaching for Wikipedia every time he asks a question...

"James is great, he's 12 now. He's a terror as well, but they're lovely lads, I like them well, both of them".