Curtis Pritchard is head over heels for Maura Higgins, as you can see from his latest WhatsApp 1 year ago

Curtis Pritchard is head over heels for Maura Higgins, as you can see from his latest WhatsApp

Curtis Pritchard, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Maura Higgins, Longford native and quite possibly the most popular contestant of Love Island 2019 is coupled up IRL with professional dancer Curtis.


Maura has been in Los Angeles promoting her Boohoo collection and work commitments have made it hard for the couple to see each other in recent weeks.

However, it seems they're still as strong as ever judging from the Whatsapp message Curtis sent Maura on her return to London.

Some will see it as sickly sweet, others will think it's adorable and Maura herself thinks it's cute.

So much so that she shared it with her 2.5 million-strong Instagram following.

Curtis Pritchard

Here's what Curtis Pritchard had to say to his girlfriend and in doing so, revealed his nickname for the 28-year-old - button nose.

"Sorry button nose. Just finished now it ran so late.”

“If I have missed the chance to get hold of you here is a list of things I want to tell you.”

“1: I miss you.
2: I really miss you.
3: Can’t wait to see you and sorry it’s not this weekend.
3: What are you doing all day Tuesday??
4: Your amazing [sic]. Xxx".


Maura shared it to Instagram Stories last night with the caption "how cute is he" and to be fair, they do seem to be getting on very well.

As fans of the hit reality show will know, Curtis was initially coupled up with Amy Hart but things went downhill rapidly when she and the other girls moved to Casa Amor for a few days.

On Amy's return, Curtis broke the news that he wasn't sure about their relationship which came as a major shock for Amy.

Later in the series, Maura and Curtis coupled up and to be fair, it seems to be going pretty well.


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