'I'm not shocked' – Danielle Lloyd claims she had 'similar run-ins' with Rebekah Vardy 2 years ago

'I'm not shocked' – Danielle Lloyd claims she had 'similar run-ins' with Rebekah Vardy

In the wake of the Coleen Rooney/ Rebekah Vardy controversy, Danielle Lloyd has said she's had "similar run-ins" with Rebekah.

Coleen yesterday claimed that Rebekah had been leaking stories on her to The Sun newspaper. Rebekah has denied the accusation.


Fellow WAG Danielle waded into the row today, telling ITV's This Morning that she wasn't surprised by the story.

"I wasn't shocked, I've had run-ins with Rebekah before over similar things," she said.

"I wasn't shocked when I saw who it allegedly was. I think she did it, I think it's a shame because she never thought it'd get out, but it has."

Danielle, who was previously married to England player Jamie O'Hara, sympathised with Coleen who she said is "quite private".

"I think probably all Coleen wants is a quiet life.

"She must have been sitting there and not knowing who to trust and it's really not a nice situation to be in."

In a statement yesterday denying leaking information, Rebekah said she didn't sell any stories as she didn't "need the money".

Danielle speculated today that Rebekah did do it to keep in with journalists.


"I think she thought maybe if she was feeding the press stories she would maybe get more headlines for herself; I honestly don't know."

Rebekah has hit back after Danielle's interview, calling her claims "utter bollocks".