Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O' Hara have massive social media row 4 years ago

Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O' Hara have massive social media row

This contains details which may prove upsetting to some readers.

Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O'Hara have a volatile relationship and things seem to have gotten worse since Jamie's stint on Celebrity Big Brother.


Last night, the couple had an argument via Twitter which started when Jamie said that he wasn't able to spend time with his children.

According to reports, they have been arguing for the past week about Jamie's access to their three children and last night (and this morning), the confrontation escalated across their social media accounts.

Danielle saw red with this and said that there were times when Jamie was physically abusive towards her in front of Archie, their oldest child.



She then said her former husband was a pathological liar and he responded with a typed statement posted on the social networking site.


Here's hoping the pair can come to some agreement for the sake of their three children, Archie (6), Harry (5) and George (3).

If you are affected by the issues in this story, information and support services are available at Women’s Aid.