David Beckham shared his dinner on social media and we really wish he hadn't 2 years ago

David Beckham shared his dinner on social media and we really wish he hadn't

David Beckham sharing his dinner on Instagram... just like the rest of us.

When you're limited to staying inside, sharing one's efforts in the kitchen on social media is a pretty popular pastime and we've seen a lot of banana bread lately.


We're here for this content and there's plenty of inspiration if you want to get creative.

Apart from this extremely off-putting combination, courtesy of the former professional footballer.

His meal starts off as a pretty standard meal, comfort food for many even.

Mashed potato, sausages, beans and gravy... basic but you know, it delivers the essentials and is easy to put together. To be fair, we would go with either gravy or beans but you know, each to their own and all that.


However, it's the added ingredient that's a very violent choice - wait for it because you really do need to prepare yourself here.


David Beckham

Yes, the father of four has lumped what looks like a good three quarters of a tub of coleslaw alongside the rest.


He doesn't seem too worried that the coleslaw is mixing in with the gravy and that's an extremely off-putting combination, imagine the texture... *shudder*

We're not alone in our shock at his decision either for people have taken to Twitter to query the thought process here. The coleslaw is the real issue and even more importantly, the fact that the coleslaw is mixing with the rest of his meal.