Davide's family are not happy with Ekin-Su's "desperate" behaviour on Love Island 1 week ago

Davide's family are not happy with Ekin-Su's "desperate" behaviour on Love Island

Oh wow.

Like always when it comes to Love Island, the islanders are not allowed to have their phones while inside the villa, so their friends and family are keeping us updated through their accounts.


Typically, those running the accounts just post supportive messages, but this year, they're taking a different approach and showing their true feelings about other islanders.

It seems that Davide Sanclimenti and Andrew Le Page's families are not impressed by the behaviour of some of the female contestants this year, and they're not holding back.

Last night we saw bombshells Jay Younger and Remi Lambert heading on dates with some of the girls, with Davide watching as Ekin-Su got friendly with the newcomers by having a meal with both of them.

Clearly not happy with Ekin-Su going on these dates, despite her being asked by the men, Davide's family were not happy about it and did not hold back on his Instagram.



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They hit out at Ekin-Su saying that Davide "deserves someone genuine" and said that they wanted to couple up with Paige, who is currently in a couple with Jacques.

This was not the only thing they had an issue with, when Ekin-Su revealed to the girls that she was upset that each of the other boys had brought their girl a coffee in the morning and she got nothing from Davide, she was holding back the tears and revealed that the "little things" are important to her.

Sharing the controversial moment, they posted a snap of Davide smiling, and wrote: "How about you make your own coffee."


Reacting to their post, Ekin-Su's team didn't let it slide as they called for all of the Islander's families to stay "neutral" while managing their social media.

Posting on Ekin-Su's account on Wednesday, they reshared what Davide had posted, saying that "little digs" and "hate" "should not be tolerated."

They wrote: "I just wanted to make sure we understand the roles in handling Insta accounts. We are supposed to be neutral and little digs to other cast members should not be tolerated."

Andrew's family have also made a dig at his partner Tasha after she revealed on Wednesday that she thought newcomer Jay was good looking.


Posting a snap of Andrew, they wrote: "This man deserves better."