"I didn't sell anything" Pete Bennett defends sharing Nikki Grahame's last text to him before her passing 3 weeks ago

"I didn't sell anything" Pete Bennett defends sharing Nikki Grahame's last text to him before her passing

Bennett received backlash from Imogen Thomas over his tribute to his ex-girlfriend.

Big Brother star Pete Bennett has defended his decision to share the last message he received from Nikki Grahame before she passed away.


Pete took to Instagram to highlight that his tribute to his former girlfriend was "from the heart", after Imogen Thomas, a former Big Brother contestant, accused him of "cashing in at every opportunity".

In an Instagram story, the Welsh model hit out at Bennett and called his decision to share his last text from Nikki the "ultimate betrayal".

She added that he put up a photo of Nikki "against everyone's wishes."

In response, Pete defended his decision to pay tribute to Nikki, and added that he had permission from Nikki to share the photo.

"In such a sad time of grief I've just had to witness Imogen Thomas trying to publicly shame me on her Instagram," Pete wrote.


"About selling the final text, I didn't sell anything, my tribute to Nikki in heat mag was from the heart and for no money and I sent love to Nikki's family and friends in it too.

"Contrary to what Imogen is saying, Nikki gave me permission to upload the final picture of us saying it was a 'lovely picture'. I put a link underneath the picture of the fundraiser to raise some funds for her care so she could get better whilst Imogen was promoting McCain oven chips and sending me daggers."

He went on to say that the only negativity he's received has been from Imogen, who has "continued to troll" him ever since.

"Meanwhile everybody else has been supportive to me," he wrote.

Bennett added that while he might not have seen Nikki as much as he used to, he was always in contact with her. When he found out she was ill, he "did everything he could" to be there for her.

Nikki Grahame passed away on 8 April after living with anorexia for many years.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, there is help available. You can call The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland's helpline on 01-2107906.