'#DidntPuke' Amy Schumer's latest pregnancy selfie is a triumph 1 year ago

'#DidntPuke' Amy Schumer's latest pregnancy selfie is a triumph

"Feeling strong and beautiful today."

Amy Schumer is pregnant.

Like, really pregnant.

Like, she's got severe hyperemesis and has been throwing up for pretty much the past six months of her life and she deserves a medal for getting up in the morning.

She also deserves a medal for taking an underwear pregnancy selfie following her recent achievement of not getting sick for once.

In the photo's caption, she wrote that she was "feeling strong and beautiful today" - and she looks it too.


Amy's photo has since received almost 700,000 likes as people commend her for looking so fresh, so pregnant, and so free from puke.

"I love you and this pic," said Demi Lovato, while Ali Wong said that Schumer looked "amazing" and also that she wanted her bra.

A few other people also took it upon themselves to congratulate the comedian for her latest Netflix comedy special, Growing. 

In it, Amy discusses how she's dealt with being pregnant while having hyperemesis and how having a child growing inside of her hasn't actually changed her as a person.

The special also touches on Amy's husband, Chris, and his autism diagnosis.

She said that she didn't know her husband was on the spectrum when she met him, but that once his diagnosis became clear, she realised it was all of the things that classed him as a person with autism that made her fall in love with him.

It's a good special.

You should watch it.