The DRAMA! James Charles slams Wet n Wild for 'copying' his Morphe palette 8 months ago

The DRAMA! James Charles slams Wet n Wild for 'copying' his Morphe palette

"That’s crazy... your “NEW” palette looks extremely similar."

James Charles isn't a happy MUA today after he recognised a similar design to his sell-out Morphe palette doing the rounds on Twitter.

The palette from budget beauty brand Wet n Wild is part of their new fall collection featuring 40 shades which caught James Charles' eye due to their similarity to his product and packaging.


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Hitting out at the cosmetic company, James shared a photo from Wet n Wild promoting their "new" palette and claiming it's not new but, a copy of his.

Fans were quick to chime in, adding that the palette even featured the same layout making it very similar to James' release earlier this year.

As one to not shy away from a heated debate given the controversy with Tati Westbrook earlier this year, James explained why the palette has caused him anger - noting that there's no attempt to "hide" the copying.

Reacting to the drama, Wet n Wild spoke to fans explaining that they're a drugstore and so, do "dupes" of different brands.

Wet n Wild continued to explain that James Charles' Morphe palette was bought from a manufacturer where products are created for plenty of different companies and so, the idea wasn't stolen to begin with. However, James himself then got involved with Wet n Wild asking them to stop causing "drama" and giving information "out of context".

Wet n Wild then continued to anwser more fans explaining that drugstore and "prestige" brands can share the same manufacturers making their products appear similar.

And so the drama continues...

Wet n Wild has not yet released any other photos of their palette and so, we wonder will the controversy continue once the product actually drops, hmmm.