Dublin girl's encounter with Louis Walsh has left us snorting with laughter 4 years ago

Dublin girl's encounter with Louis Walsh has left us snorting with laughter

Louis Walsh is one of our nation's best-known stars.

The 63-year-old band manager from Kiltimagh, Mayo has gained a reputation around the globe for his Midas touch when it comes to managing pop acts.

The ex-X Factor judge is known for his unfailing ambition and belief in his musical protegées and he is due to front Irish talent show Ireland's Got Talent in the very near future.

A busy man indeed.

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 27: Louis Walsh attends the press launch for the new series of "The X Factor" at Ham Yard Hotel on August 27, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

However, it is his recent encounter with one Irish girl, Shauna McKiernan that has gained him serious viral attention.

Dublin girl Shauna told us of how she came across the Irish reality show star in the city centre:

"I was with my friend Tash Kelly when we spotted him with the window rolled down sitting outside a hotel...

" I couldn't help but be excited to see him in the city as anyone would be."

Shauna's reaction to seeing Louis is just priceless, but what's really surprising is that the Mayo man appears to be far from friendly or welcoming towards his two fans.

In the clip, Louis is seen telling the girls:

"Shut up will ya?

"... Stop shouting my f*cking name".

WALSH that mouth out with washing up liquid young man. (Sorry.)

Mammy Walsh would not be best proud...

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