Dublin landlord turns down Chloe Grace Mortez's €20k offering 4 years ago

Dublin landlord turns down Chloe Grace Mortez's €20k offering

A sign of the times eh?

Even Hollywood's biggest stars are finding it tough to rent in the capital. Actress Chloe Grace Mortez's rental offer of €20,000 a month was recently rejected while she was filming in Dublin.


The actress was hoping to rent a house in Rathgar, Dublin 6 but was refused as the landlord had a preference for corporate, older tenants only, a source told the Independent.ie.

The house in question, known as Malakoff Villa was built in the 1860's and comes with five double bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms as well as an open plan kitchen. The house is currently available for rent at €12,000 per month however, the agency looking after the house requests older tenants staying in Dublin for business reasons only.


With the current rental crisis in Dublin and market prices soaring, it is not unusual to see a landlord requesting extortionate rental figures from prospective tenants.

With property in Dalkey and Killiney currently on the market to rent for €8,000 - €12,000 a month, a letting agent told the Independent.ie that this was "no longer unusual in the top home bracket".

Chloe Grace Mortez is currently travelling back and forth to Dublin to film her new movie, The Widow. A feature film based on a women called Frances, who befriends a lonely widow, only to discover their encounter is not a coincidence, the film is set in New York, the predominant shooting is here in Dublin.


Luck of the Irish

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The actress has been spotted various times in the city centre, Howth and at the Aviva Stadium with boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham.

Dublin. You were amazing ❤️

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Chloe's new film, The Widow is rumoured to release late 2018.