Love Island's Ekin-Su considered adopting a child after recent visit to Turkey 4 months ago

Love Island's Ekin-Su considered adopting a child after recent visit to Turkey

"I couldn’t hold my tears in"

Love Island winner, Ekin-Su has revealed that she considered adopting a child on her recent trip to Turkey after a heartbreaking encounter with a young girl who lost her mum.


Ekin visited her home country with the British Red Cross in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed almost 60,000 people.

She made the trip back in March with her boyfriend, Davide, but has since revealed how "moving" yet "traumatising" the experience was.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Ekin told Susanna Reid and Ed Balls that she met many children who had lost their parents and other family members in the tragedy.

She remembered one little girl who lost her mum and said she really struggled to leave her behind.


The four-year-old called Ekin 'mum' and it really affected her.

While on the show she said: "I would love to take her.

"It was traumatising, the whole experience. But once you bring one home you want to help them all.

"I really just want to raise awareness. We don’t know how lucky we are to be in the UK.


"She wanted me to stay and be her mum because she had lost hers. I couldn’t hold my tears in. It felt very overwhelming.

"Some of the other children had also lost family members.

"I wish I could have taken them back to England. They feel alone and need love and support."


The former islander continued telling the harrowing story about the young girl.

She said: "She doesn’t remember much of the actual event.

"It was 4am and all of a sudden it was black, everything was shaking, the walls were coming down and she was screaming, 'mum, mum, mum' and she doesn’t remember anything else.

"I think she has a little brother as well and that’s all it is, she just wants mum. Anyone who gives her love, she attaches herself and cannot let go."


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