Ellie Goulding speaks out about the sexism she faced returning to work after birth of son 9 months ago

Ellie Goulding speaks out about the sexism she faced returning to work after birth of son

The singer said she was scrutinised for her decision.

Ellie Goulding has spoken out about the sexism she faced for returning to work just three weeks after giving birth.


The 34-year-old welcomed her first child, Arthur Ever Winter, with her husband Caspar Jopling back in April.

Speaking on The Reign with Josh Smith podcast, the singer recalled some of the sexist comments she had received.

“There’s one thing that I’ve definitely noticed and observed, which is that I get asked a lot like, ‘Oh, you’re already working? Wow.'

“It’s always kind of like, ‘Oh, well done for becoming a mum when you’re working, it’s well done to you'."


Ellie said that while she faced heavy scrutiny, her husband was never asked about his decision to return to work.

"Caspar, hasn’t been asked that once. Not once has he been asked like, ‘Oh, are you sure you want to go back to work?’, whereas I’ve had it a lot," she said.

"We can multitask and we can work," she added.

Ellie also opened up about how she embraced her post-birth body and did not feel any pressure to lose weight.


"I just had a flashback to maybe two or three weeks after I gave birth," she said. “I was walking around in this comfy T-shirt and some leggings, I was doing yoga or some postnatal thing and my belly was just, like, hanging out and I just didn’t care.

“I’ve never cared less about my body being exposed. And Caspar walks in, I think we had a builder at the time and I didn’t care. I just didn’t think, ‘I need to cover up’. And it didn’t seem like anyone cared either.

“You just had a child, and also this comfortability in knowing that I’m not my normal self and not feeling an urge to lose weight, not feeling an urge to look... how I used to look.

“It’s like you do appreciate your body just a little bit more because you realise that it’s done something pretty cool.”


Ellie went on to say she has a new-found respect for women who want to be mums as it is is a full-time job.

“There’s the emotional side. There’s the physical side. There’s so much care that goes into a new baby," she said.