Everyone can relate to this hilarious moment on last night's Love Island 1 year ago

Everyone can relate to this hilarious moment on last night's Love Island

Happy Valentine's Day!

Things in the villa are heating up and we're feeling saucy on today's episode!


Listen below!

We've all been there before.

If there's one contestant that's proving to be extremely hashtag relatable on Love Island at the moment, it's Demi.

From crying over fellas and triangles to dramatically falling in the villa, Demi, we see you, we feel you.

In last night's episode we saw Demi face potential elimination as Luke M (who is currently coupled up with Natalia) had the tough decision of choosing between Shaughna or Demi (the decision is still pending)

The girl who doesn't couple up with him tonight will be evicted from the villa.


But it was Demi's other highlight last night that got people talking, her tremendous and dramatic fall in the villa.

The Islander lost her footing while walking holding a drink but what was epic is instead of trying to save herself, the Islander tucked and rolled, making the fall even more dramatic.

Iconic, we can't help with stan.


Last night we also saw the aftermath to the controversial News Splash game. From Finn trying to prove his loyalties to Paige and Luke T admitting he was wrong for sharing intimate details with the boys, if you missed the show you can catch up on all via our podcast below.

It's a saucy Valentine's one.

Trust your sauce.