Who exactly is Lea Michele marrying? Who is Zandy Reich? 1 year ago

Who exactly is Lea Michele marrying? Who is Zandy Reich?

So, who is her fiancé?

Over the weekend, Lea Michele announced that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Zandy Reich.

The singer/actress shared the news on social media, where she posted a photo of her hand covering her face - with her ginormous ring.

But who exactly is her fiancé? Who is Zandy Reich? And have we heard of him before?

Well, the answer is most likely no. Zandy is a pretty private person and doesn't seem to have any social media (any that's public, anyway).

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The pair have been dating seriously for a year now and were first romantically linked in July 2017, however according to the friend close to Lea, they have been friends for years.

He has a finance degree from Wharton School of Business and he was a jock in college, playing lacrosse.

What many don't know about Zandy is that he's the president of a clothing company called AYR (pronounced air). It stands for All Year Round, and is basically pieces that you can wear - you guessed it - all year round.

The company's website reads: "We founded AYR in 2014 because sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to find. Our studio is based in downtown NYC, our denim is made in sunny LA, and we ship directly to you, everywhere in between."

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So far, that's all we can find about him, but it seems like he's got the seal of approval from Lea's friends. One of her BFFs, and a close collaborator, Ryan Murphy thinks it's the real deal.

Lea told E!: "When my boyfriend got the seal of approval from Ryan Murphy that was it...sealed the deal."