Fans are VERY angry about the latest Instagram from Kensington Palace 2 years ago

Fans are VERY angry about the latest Instagram from Kensington Palace

The Kensington Palace Instagram account is facing a lot of backlash after its most recent post.

Yesterday, Kensington Palace shared photos to mark Father's Day but followers were quick to point out that only Prince Louis, the youngest member of the Cambridge family, was included in these shots.


There wasn't any sign of Prince George or Princess Charlotte and people have a LOT to say about that.

Not only that but they're also wondering why Prince Chares was featured and not Kate Middleton's dad, Michael.

All a bit confusing really and it wasn't long before the comments started rolling in, questioning these decisions.


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Happy Father’s Day!

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With requests for photos of William and Kate's three children, the main takeaway was one of complete bemusement at why Prince Louis was the only child to feature.

Others were quick to explain that because Michael isn't a member of the royal family, he shouldn't be expected to make an appearance on the official Kensington Palace Instagram account.


The Middletons like to maintain a degree of privacy and this is completely understandable.

While the majority of comments related to George and Charlotte, some remarked that the photos were gorgeous nonetheless and summed up the message of Father's Day.

That hasn't stopped people from having their say and even today, 24 hours after the post, there's still traction as followers continue to share their thoughts.

Of course, the photos are very sweet and it's a very sentimental choice but that hasn't discouraged followers from going IN and making their feelings very much known...