Fans brand Love Island a fix due to Maura's connection with ex-contestant 3 months ago

Fans brand Love Island a fix due to Maura's connection with ex-contestant

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Love Island has been hit with fix claims.

It's come to light that current contestant Maura Higgins is friends with Olivia Attwood who was on the show in 2017.

The two are believed to have worked together at one point and have also been reportedly pictured going for drinks with viewers now convinced this means the whole show is a setup.

Maura and Olivia appear to have been part of promotions for energy drink Monster with a number of photos featuring on Maura's Instagram.

Of course, this friendship could be completely coincidental but that hasn't stopped people from putting two and two together and getting twenty.

This comes around the same time as it was pointed out that Maura and Tommy Fury, another contestant from this year's Love Island have the same management.

People have been suggested that Maura's interest in Tommy was set up from the beginning with some believing that she was told by producers to show interest in Tommy, 'faking' it as such.

Twitter users have pointed out that they're both managed by Off Limits Entertainment and aha, the plot thickens...

Again, there's absolutely no proof here but that doesn't stop viewers from coming up with numerous theories about what's actually going on.