Fans convinced Love Island's Chloe inspired new Kanye track 4 months ago

Fans convinced Love Island's Chloe inspired new Kanye track

Ye is a Love Island fan, confirmed.

When Chloe Burrows entered the Love Island villa last summer, it was a cultural reset.


As she progressed in the dating competition, her influence spread with viewers. It wasn't long until we were all echoing her iconic phrase - "No whey" - in conversations with friends, family and colleagues. In fact, despite a rocky start, Ms Burrows established herself as a huge fan favourite, and eventually came second alongside her fella Toby at the season finale.

Now it seems her influence has spread state-side, and she's become a muse to none other than Kanye West.

That's right, fans are convinced that this Love Island star is the inspiration behind one of the rapper's latest tracks.

In his song Eazy, which also features The Game, Kanye opens the second verse by saying: "How I ain't bring nothin' to the table when I am the table?"


This is, undoubtedly, a reference to a conversation that took place between Liberty and Chloe last summer.

In it, we see a concerned Liberty tell Chloe that despite her doubts with Jake, she knows. what she "brings to the table".


Our girl then steps in to assure Liberty that she is "the f**king table, Bruv".


One fan took to Twitter to let Chloe know she was the Chicago rapper's inspiration.

They said: "So nice of Kanye to sample @Chloe_Burrows on his new song."


Chloe retweeted it, and naturally, was a little miffed he didn't give her a proper credit.

She said: "Honestly where's the homage."

OK, so there's no actual definitive proof that Kanye even watched Love Island, let alone openly referenced our queen. However, seeing her words of wisdom be immortalised via song is definitely the kind of change we would like to see in the music industry going forward.