Could Toby and Chloe win this whole thing? 1 year ago

Could Toby and Chloe win this whole thing?

They're my winners anyway.

Listen, I'm as surprised as you are. If you had told me three weeks ago that I'd be rooting for Toby and Chloe to win Love Island 2021, I wouldn't have believed you.


And yet, here we are, a week away from the finale, and #TeamChloby feels like the only viable option.

It certainly hasn't always been this way. Far from it.

Right off the bat, Liberty and Jake felt like front-runners, particularly in the early stage of the competition, when couples were few and far between.

Since then, however, the tide has decidedly turned on Jake, with islanders and viewers alike questioning his true intentions with Liberty.


For a good chunk of this year's season, it was looking like #TeamMilliam for the crown. However, the fallout from Casa Amor has clouded many people's opinions of Liam. While this couple have since made up, and appear to be thriving, it's not clear whether or not fans are willing to put Liam's past indiscretions behind.

Faye and Teddy were popular with fans for a hot second, however, after losing her temper with Teddy during a particularly controversial moment, it seems that this couple are unlikely to snatch the crown.

The only couple who could potentially rival Chloe and Toby is Kaz and Tyler. Like Liam and Millie, #TeamKyler didn't escape unscathed in the fallout of Casa Amor, but there's no denying their chemistry. While things appear to be going well for them now, they don't always get a lot of screentime, meaning they're not always at the top of fans' attention.


Now, there are other couples of course. Mary and Aaron. Priya and Brett. However, both these couples were deemed by their fellow islanders to be among the least compatible in the villa.

All this to say, it looks like Chloe and Toby may be our Love Island winners after all, and you know what? I'm here for it.

Toby has enjoyed some major character development throughout his time in the villa. He transformed from the island's biggest player to an emotionally mature young man, and last night's episode was a testament to his growth. Fans were pleased to see him diffuse Jake's tantrum, while explaining carefully why he was in the wrong. On top of that, he refused to snitch on Faye and Chloe, and rightfully told Jake to check in on Liberty.

As for Chloe, what can I say? The woman's an icon, and I've backed her from the start.


As well as being a legend for her memorable "I'm not gonna let someone take me for a prick, no way" monologue, she's an all-round sounder. Chloe was the first to air her concerns about Jake directly to Liberty, and she stuck by Faye's side during her one-on-one with Jake.

She continues to have the back of every other girl in that villa, she's crazy about Toby and she just seems like great craic.

Team Chloe and Toby for the win.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and the Virgin Media Player.