Experts are saying that Jake and Liberty are not at all compatible 1 year ago

Experts are saying that Jake and Liberty are not at all compatible

Not Liberty, why?

It feels like we've seen about three different seasons of Love Island in the space of a week with all the drama that's gone on.


Jake and Liberty took a tumble in their relationship after saw a clip of him saying he didn't fancy her from the first week. And after completely making up and working past things, now we're being told they're not even compatible.

Fragrance Direct partnered up with astrology expert, Solar Sister Tarot's Emily Thornton and she has a completely different opinion on Jake and Liberty's relationship, very different from theirs anyway.

Emily said: "Funnily enough, Jake and Liberty aren’t the best match. He is very flighty and quick to make decisions, whereas Liberty’s Virgo is more methodical and logical. She might become frustrated with him in the long run."


And one couple fans are convinced are not meant to be together is Teddy and Faye, but according to Emily, they couldn't be better suited.

Emily added: "She is definitely guarded and uses her quick witted humour to protect herself from getting hurt. Teddy is an Aries meaning they make for an nice combination, however trust is a massive crunch point.

"Aries will be struggle to keep up with Gemini erratic mind. I also analysed Faye & Teddy’s birth charts. They have an opposite Sun and Moon sign which is generally seen as perfect compatibility in astrology. However with his Pisces Venus shows how sensitive he is. He’s looking for deep, meaningful and lasting connections."

Back to that rollercoaster analogy, Toby and Chloe have done a complete 180 and are coming out on top, with the pair quickly becoming fan favourites.


The pair are the most compatible pair in the villa, with Toby being a Pisces and Chloe a Libra, the two are destined for one another.

Emily adds: "Toby is the perfect Pisces. In his own world completely, he comes out with the most obscure comments like he ‘manifested his shoe size’ on Unseen Bits! He wants to give his love and time to everyone and he never tends to mean any hardly when he can’t decide between all the women who are fawning over him."

When it comes to Millie and Liam, the two could be in it for the long run with Emily saying: "Liam. The ultimate Leo. He’s tall, dark, handsome and has a certain magnetism about him. He’s actually a perfect match with Millie as a Sagittarius but you can see how his ego got in the way in Casa Amor.


"Millie and Liam are a great match astrologically. Sagittarius’s are great seeing the big picture but they miss fine details so they tend to have an idealised way of thinking. She loves the idea of Liam and I think she’s definitely drawn in by his charming Leo ways. I think they have the potential to last if he can stay loyal."

But what about Tyler and Kaz? She's a Scorpio which means she "doesn't miss a trick", which explains why she's told Tyler he's on his last chance.

The natural Taurus in him will only make him more stubborn and want to prove his loyalty, so it's looking good for this pair too.