'I feel betrayed': Curtis Pritchard on Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor's relationship 9 months ago

'I feel betrayed': Curtis Pritchard on Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor's relationship

Lots of Love Island fans were very happy this week when Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor revealed that they're an item.

But not everyone was delighted with the news. Curtis Pritchard has said that he feels betrayed by Maura and Chris.


Curtis and Maura split earlier this year, having met on Love Island in 2019. Chris was also a contestant on the reality show.

"I feel betrayed by them both —  two people I was very close to," he told The Sun.

"When I saw the pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hurt. I was upset. How long has this truly been going on for?"

Chris and Maura shared the news that they're a couple via some super loved-up pics on Instagram.

"Turns out I fell in love with my best mate," wrote Chris.

Continuing, Curtis said there were "signs" that Chris and Maura had gotten closer.


"Now her true colours are shown. They said they would never ever be together, and here they are.

"If I bump into them, I’ll just say congratulations and I hope it really does turn out to be 'the one'."

Speaking about her break-up with Curtis previously, Maura said their age gap and the time they spent apart were to blame.

"I just felt like I’m 29 and I want somebody that I can see a future with. I’m not getting any younger.

"Maybe he did want that, maybe he didn’t, I don’t know, but I just felt it wasn’t going in that direction. The time apart as well… I want somebody I can be with most days.

"At the beginning it was very, very hard because I was so besotted with him, and we never got to see each other. When we did, it was really nice because you got the time to miss somebody. But sometimes it would be two weeks.

"You know when you’re in a relationship and you know someone’s day to day? We were that busy that we didn’t, and it was strange."