Former 'The Voice' Contestant Is Not Impressed With Rita Ora 5 years ago

Former 'The Voice' Contestant Is Not Impressed With Rita Ora

Karis Thomas, a former contestant on The Voice UK, isn't overly happy with singer Rita Ora.

Rita was a mentor for Karis during her time on The Voice but Karis said she's since been left to fend for herself without any help or direction.


The singer coached contestants on The Voice before she left to join the X Factor judging panel this year.

Speaking to Wales Online, Karis said: "After the show, it’s like you’re on your own, left with no contacts.

"When I saw Rita Ora on the X Factor it felt like a bit of the kick in the teeth.

"I saw somebody else’s dreams come true and mine fell through the gaps. But I’m working hard to prove I can do it".

Karis also had some positive feedback saying: “It was a great experience and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world but it’s been hard work.

"Being on the show definitely helped my confidence a lot, to be told that I am amazing and I can be somebody, has helped me a great deal. Having other people believe in me was amazing".