Friends actor James Michael Tyler battling Stage 4 cancer 2 years ago

Friends actor James Michael Tyler battling Stage 4 cancer

Tyler is most known for his role as Gunther on Friends.

Actor James Michael Tyler has revealed that he is battling Stage 4 cancer.


During an interview with the Today Show the 59-year-old Friends star explained that he was unable to be a part of the recent cast reunion in person, instead appearing via Zoom, due to his health.

"In September of 2018 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which had spread to my bones."


Speaking on the reunion the actor who portrayed Gunther for over ten years on Friends said he was apprehensive to mention his condition during the reunion video call;

"I didn't want to be like oh by the way Gunther has cancer. You know what I mean?

David Schwimmer has corresponded with me via Instagram. The producers (of Friends) are aware, they've been aware for a long time."

Tyler's cancer diagnosis was made after a routine physical. When asked what is prognosis looks like Tyler said;

"Well for my specific prognosis it's of course a Stage 4, late stage cancer, so eventually you know it's going to probably get me."


Tyler is currently undergoing treatment.