From Miami to Mallow: The Irish Instagram star who's renovating an old post office during lockdown 3 months ago

From Miami to Mallow: The Irish Instagram star who's renovating an old post office during lockdown

"My family have a five generation butcher shop on the Main Street of Mallow. Sure, they haven’t a clue who half the people I’m hanging around with are."

Sarah Lucey can usually be found in a yacht off the coast of Miami, or backstage with some of the biggest stars in the world.

But at the moment, she's is in her hometown of Mallow, Cork - and loving every second of it.

Sarah's official job title is 'Talent Director.' She works for some of the most exclusive clubs in the world, looking after the stars when they come to visit.

Food, private jets, hotels - you name it, she does it. Essentially, she spends her time working with A-listers, everyone from Kanye West to Calvin Harris to Tiesto - and she would even call some of them her friends.

Sarah Lucey and Post Malone

Sarah grew up in Mallow. Her family own Lucey's butchers there. Since lockdown started she and her Parisian husband Max Moussier have moved home to Cork and are working on renovations in their stunning farmhouse.

We chatted with the Corkonian about her hometown, what she gets up to in Miami when she's jetting around with the stars, and what the best part of her job actually is.

What have you been up to since you've been home?

I’m living the dream. I feel like I’m 70 something and have retired! My mind and body have totally slowed down.

I've been gardening, painting, taking care of the chickens and the parish cats, dogs and anything else that wants a cuddle or some food. It’s a dream. And the glorious weather helps too.

Tell us about the renovations in Cork

So we bought and renovated an old village post office and shop just outside of Mallow.

It’s been so much fun doing it up. I say fun, my husband has done the majority, if not all, of it. I let him at it, it doesn’t bother me.

He’s French and to have a place 10 minutes from my parents and childhood house is a blessing, so I avoid banging on about trivial house stuff.

You're a 'Director of Talent' - what does that entail?

I started my career in Ibiza, so it was more so DJs then but in America it varies from rappers, DJs, celebrities, actors, sports stars etc.

Basically anyone that needs an extreme level of hospitality who wants to visit our restaurants or nightclubs, I’ll be called upon.

Sarah Lucey and Snoop Dogg

What does your day to day look like?

It varies so much. On busy weeks like Super Bowl, Miami Music Week, or Art Basel I would be handling multiple celebrity's needs.

From private jets, cars, hotels, dinner reservations, security walk through, press, interviews. It’s pretty full on. There’s not much sleep. It’s a very 24 hours a day kinda task, but the good thing is people pass through Miami like they do Cannes or Monaco. It’s a one or two day trip.

How did you get into the job you're in now?

My boss David Grutman met me in Ibiza. I was the stage manager at USHUAIA. He flew my husband, (a light and sound designer) and I over to Miami.

We agreed to do the Winter in Miami and summer in Ibiza. That never happened, and now we've been in Miami close to 10 years.

What's the best thing about your job?

The free food and drink. I love eating.

Is it tough working in the nightclub industry?

Very. If I don’t take the celeb for dinner - I pray they want to do room service, so it gives me another couple of hours to chill and watch Corrie - I get ready at midnight or 1am and head into a very intense environment.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve got a cold, a headache, or of I'm just tired. It’s game face on. You have to be on your client's level of form and, let's be real, they are in Miami to party. It’s going to be a level 10.

Let's talk about some of the people you would be dealing with. People spend big money in your nightclubs - what kind of money are we talking?

Our tables start at $1000 for 2 people, so $500 per person.

A few times a year we have lads or ladies who will drop the $200k mark. That’s just the club. Usually over a two hour time frame. Dinners can often be $5k or $10k depending on the wine or champagne they acquire.

How do you stay so down to earth when you are surrounded by all this?

My family have a five generation butcher shop in the Main Street of Mallow (Lucey’s). Sure they haven’t a clue who half the people I’m hanging around with are. I also pray quite a bit. Maybe that helps.

Does the Irish charm help when it comes to a job like this?

Nope. Means nothing. Hard graft, drive and soundness matters more. People don’t care about an accent.

Have you ever had a few 'pinch me' moments?

Not really. A lot of the people I handle wouldn’t have been a household name in Mallow when I was young. Throw me Roy Keane now and I’d probable keel over.

What's your favourite memory of your career?

It’s cute to see my Mam and Dad doing shots with Tiesto or Swedish House Mafia.

Also this isn't really the juicy answer you want but looking at my farm house and seeing the hard graft that afforded me to purchase it in one go. It’s lovely to have a house. I don’t know why but it’s a big deal.

Can you tell us anything about the celebrities?

... No, haha.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram here.