YES! It looks like we might be getting a Gavin and Stacey reunion 3 years ago

YES! It looks like we might be getting a Gavin and Stacey reunion


Every week we find out that another iconic throwback show is getting a remake or reunion.


And honestly, I love it.

Sure, they're literally never as good as the original, but it's nice to see where your favourite characters have ended up.

For example, the Gilmore Girls reunion series was not particularly excellent, but I loved every second of it.

gavin and stacey

And now, it looks like another ICONIC series is getting a cheeky reunion.

Well, maybe.

People seem to think that Gavin and Stacey will be making a glorious return to our screens, all because of a Tweet.


James Corden was on Twitter during the week, and shared a clip from the show.

James also captioned the video: "Oh man, I've not seen this in so long. Some lovely memories right there x."

And now, everyone is calling for a reunion!


"Oi James don't be that guy that doesn't bring an excellent show back, 3 series just wasn't enough," one eager fan replied.

Wile another also let their feelings known:

"Please bring us just one more Xmas special episode oh and a new series would be fantastic." a third begged.

I 100 percent support this message.