George Clooney Had Some Bad News For Irish Fans This Week... 7 years ago

George Clooney Had Some Bad News For Irish Fans This Week...

Sorry ladies, but it looks like our hopes of spotting George Clooney on a motorbike cruising down the M50 are well and truly dashed. 

George Clooney had some bad news for Irish fans this week as he revealed that rumours of a trip to the Emerald Isle with Bono were not true.


George was speaking in London this week. 

“I spoke to a reporter a while back saying I’d like to go to Ireland someday and suddenly, I’m heading there with Bono, apparently, with the two of us on motorbike going around the country,” he said at the promotion of his new movie Tomorrowland.

“I don’t know where that came from but nothing like that was ever planned. So I want to let everyone know; I will not be visiting Ireland with Bono anytime soon."

Bono is on tour with U2 at the moment. 


“He’s on tour right now, when is he ever going to get the time?” he continued.

It wasn't all bad news though as he added: “I obviously want to go. I’ve family ties there and it’s something I hope to do later this year... but I’d like to wait till it gets a little warmer maybe.”

He’ll be waiting a while for that!